About Us

I was raised the son of a carpenter in western Pennsylvania. When I was young, we purchased a farm with an old house, half built in the 1800’s and the front, larger half built in 1904. We proceeded to upgrade this house replacing or installing structural components, electricity, plumbing, drywall, flooring, windows, insulation, and a duct oil/wood heating system, over many years. This was my introduction to construction. The renovation project was completed by my uncle, my father, and his best friend, who took time to teach me as I labored.

As part of the team, I continued to do construction activities for friends and neighbors until I went to college. After school I pursued construction projects for my friends and family, in addition to spending a year and a half, as a structural ironworker apprentice.

Since I had received a degree in education, I moved to Virginia to pursue my interest in teaching children. After 14 years as an educator, determined I wanted to return to my true passion, I was drawn back to the construction field. By combining my knowledge of carpentry, experience in all aspects of home renovation, analytical thinking skills, ability to communicate well with people, and continued education, it was logical that I begin my own home inspection company.

Today, over 800 inspections later my experiences and knowledge continues to grow.

I am certified/licensed by Virginia DEPOR (#3380000744) and ASHI (#260644) and InterNACHI(# NACHI12061306)


Thank you, in advance, for the opportunity to serve you!