Home inspections prices are based upon different theories in different markets. Sometimes, it is based on finished (livable) square footage. Sometimes, it is based on the price of the property to be purchased. I use the square footage model, as it seems fairest. I feel the time and energy that is required to inspect a home is most realistically based upon how big the house is and the number of appliances, heat systems, bathrooms, etc. that it contains and not the location of the house.

I offer:

  • Purchase inspections
  • Seller pre-inspections
  • Home maintenance inspections
  • Radon tests.

We are available 6 days a week with flexible scheduling.

*Please call for prices or further information about any of the above.

Fully Insured


A PT home inspection consists of 3 main parts:  

1) “The Inspection.”  The inspector goes over the home, following the standard of practice (guidelines) that were drafted by InterNACHI ( as a minimum guideline.

2) “The Walk Through.”  When the inspection is finished the customer, inspector, agent, and sometimes “your Uncle Bob”(the family helper) go over the inside and outside of the home to discuss the things that need to be fixed and/or should be fixed.

3) “The Report.”  Everything from the “walk through” and often more is contained in the report.  The report is loaded with pictures and videos of every deficiency, with a brief description.  This report is a digital file that can be saved to your computer or accessed anytime or place.  Printed copies will be provided upon request.

Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors